The aim of the Share Valuation Worked Examples Group (WEG), a joint initiative with HMRC, is to improve understanding and reduce uncertainty for share valuations for employee share schemes. It follows the withdrawal of the HMRC non-statutory ITEPA Best Estimate and Post Transaction Valuation Check (PTVC) procedures by creating more Share Valuation Worked Examples for general guidance.

An initiative by William Franklin of Pett Franklin with advice from the Esop Centre, the Worked Examples Group (WEG) was formed with expert members nominated by the leading share scheme bodies:

WEG reviews worked examples submitted by share scheme valuation practitioners before submitting them to SAV. WEG approved worked examples may be published in HMRC's manual and all are published by WEG on this webpage.

For more understanding of what the ShareValuation WEG is about click here to view William Franklin's speech to the fiscal forum.